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Mumbai to Hyderabad by Citizen Bus

on 16-Oct-2019
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13 Hrs
  • Citizen Bus

    2+1, Bharat Benz Sleeper/Seater, Non-AC

      04:30 PM

    Boarding Points
    Borivali (w) Gokul Hotel 04:30 PM
    Borivali (E) Axis Bank 04:45 PM
    Kandivali East 04:50 PM
    Malad E Puspa park 04:55 PM
    Goregaon East 05:00 PM
    Jogeshwari East 05:10 PM
    Andheri East 05:25 PM
    Vile Parle (E) 05:30 PM
    Santacruz East 05:35 PM
    Bandra (E) Kalanagar bus stop 05:40 PM
    Soin (Patel Travels) 06:10 PM
    Sion Chunabatti Citizen Travels Office 06:16 PM
    Chembur (Yogi Hotel) 06:30 PM
    Vashi - Old Toll Naka 07:00 PM
    Nerul LP 07:10 PM
    Cbd Belapur 07:15 PM
    Kharghar (Hiranandani ) 07:20 PM
    Kalamboli McDonald 07:30 PM
    15:00 Hrs

      07:30 AM

    Dropping Points
    Bangla -By Pass 05:45 AM
    Humnabad -By Pass 06:10 AM
    Zeheerabad 07:00 AM
    Woxsen College 08:00 AM
    Sadasivpet 08:10 AM
    Sangareddy -Near X Road 08:20 AM
    Gachibowli - 08:40 AM
    TOLICHOWKI(Pickup Van/Bus) 08:50 AM
    Mahedipatnam - 09:00 AM
    Rs 550/750
  • Citizen Bus

    2+1, Sleeper/Seater, Non-AC

      06:15 PM

    Boarding Points
    Borivali (w) Gokul Hotel 05:45 PM
    Borivali (E) Axis Bank 06:15 PM
    Kandivali East 06:20 PM
    Malad East 06:25 PM
    Goregaon East 06:30 PM
    Jogeshwari East 06:40 PM
    Andheri East 07:00 PM
    Vile Parle (E) 07:05 PM
    santacruz vakola 07:10 PM
    Bandra (E) Kalanagar bus stop 07:20 PM
    Soin (Patel Travels) 07:45 PM
    Sion Chunabatti Citizen Travels Office 07:50 PM
    Chembur (Yogi Hotel) 08:15 PM
    Vashi Old Toll Naka 08:45 PM
    Nerul LP 08:55 PM
    Cbd Belapur 09:05 PM
    Kharghar (Hiranandani ) 09:10 PM
    Kamothe 09:20 PM
    Kalamboli McDonald 09:25 PM
    15:45 Hrs

      10:00 AM

    Dropping Points
    Woxsen College 09:55 AM
    TOLICHOWKI(Pickup Van/Bus) 11:20 AM
    Bangla -By Pass 07:05 AM
    Humnabad -By Pass 08:15 AM
    Zeheerabad 09:15 AM
    Sadasivpet 10:10 AM
    Sangareddy -Near X Road 10:15 AM
    Gachibowli - 11:15 AM
    Mahedipatnam - 11:30 AM
    Rs 550/750
  • Citizen Bus

    2+1, Sleeper, AC

      05:30 PM

    Boarding Points
    Borivali (w) Gokul Hotel 04:50 PM
    Borivali (E) Axis Bank 05:30 PM
    Kandivali East 05:35 PM
    Malad East 05:40 PM
    Goregaon East 05:45 PM
    Jogeshwari East 05:55 PM
    Andheri East 06:30 PM
    Vile Parle (E) 06:35 PM
    Santacruz East 06:40 PM
    Bandra (E) Kala Nagar 06:50 PM
    Soin (Patel Travels) 07:25 PM
    Sion Chunabatti Citizen Travels Office 07:30 PM
    Chembur (Yogi Hotel) 07:40 PM
    Vashi Old Toll Naka 08:10 PM
    Nerul LP 08:20 PM
    Cbd Belapur 08:30 PM
    Kharghar (Hiranandani ) 08:40 PM
    Kalamboli McDonald 08:50 PM
    15:00 Hrs

      08:30 AM

    Dropping Points
    Woxsen College 08:35 AM
    TOLICHOWKI(Pickup Van/Bus) 10:05 AM
    Bangla -By Pass 05:30 AM
    Humnabad -By Pass 07:00 AM
    Zeheerabad 08:00 AM
    Sadasivpet 08:45 AM
    Sangareddy -Near X Road 09:00 AM
    Gachibowli - 10:00 AM
    Mahedipatnam - 10:15 AM
    Rs 900
  • Citizen Bus

    2+1, Sleeper, AC

      01:05 PM

    Boarding Points
    Borivali (w) Gokul Hotel 01:00 PM
    Borivali (E) Axis Bank 01:05 PM
    Kandivali East 01:15 PM
    Malad East 01:25 PM
    CRAWFORD MARKET(Pickup Van/Bus) 01:30 PM
    Goregaon East 01:35 PM
    Jogeshwari East 01:45 PM
    Andheri East 01:55 PM
    Vile Parle (E) 02:05 PM
    Santacruz East 02:10 PM
    Dadar Chitra 02:15 PM
    Bandra (E) Kala Nagar 02:20 PM
    dadar east 02:20 PM
    Soin (Patel Travels) 02:40 PM
    Sion Chunabatti Citizen Travels Office 02:45 PM
    Chembur (Yogi Hotel) 02:55 PM
    Vashi Old Toll Naka 03:20 PM
    Nerul LP 03:25 PM
    Cbd Belapur 03:30 PM
    Kharghar (Hiranandani ) 03:35 PM
    Kalamboli McDonald 04:00 PM
    15:25 Hrs

      04:30 AM

    Dropping Points
    Woxsen College 04:40 AM
    Sadasivpet 04:45 AM
    Sangareddy -Near X Road 04:50 AM
    Humnabad -By Pass 03:40 AM
    Zeheerabad 04:20 AM
    Isnapur 04:55 AM
    Patancheru 05:05 AM
    Ashok Nagar (BHEL) 05:10 AM
    Bhel 05:15 AM
    chandanagar 05:20 AM
    MIYAPUR 05:30 AM
    kphb 05:35 AM
    kukatpally 05:40 AM
    moosapet 05:45 AM
    Erragadda(Pickup Van/Bus) 05:50 AM
    ESI(Pickup Van/Bus) 05:55 AM
    SR Nagar 06:00 AM
    Ameerpet 06:05 AM
    panjagutta 06:10 AM
    KhairataBad 06:20 AM
    Lakdikapool (HYD) 06:30 AM
    Rs 900
  • Citizen Bus

    2+1, Sleeper, AC

      07:15 PM

    Boarding Points
    Borivali (w) Gokul Hotel 06:55 PM
    Borivali (E) Axis Bank 07:25 PM
    Kandivali East 07:30 PM
    Malad East 07:35 PM
    Goregaon East 07:40 PM
    Jogeshwari East 07:50 PM
    CRAWFORD MARKET(Pickup Van/Bus) 08:00 PM
    Andheri East 08:25 PM
    Vile Parle (E) 08:30 PM
    Santacruz East 08:35 PM
    Dadar Chitra 08:40 PM
    Bandra (E) Kala Nagar 08:45 PM
    dadar east 08:45 PM
    Soin (Patel Travels) 09:05 PM
    Sion Chunabatti Citizen Travels Office 09:10 PM
    Chembur (Yogi Hotel) 09:20 PM
    Vashi Old Toll Naka 10:00 PM
    Nerul LP 10:10 PM
    Cbd Belapur 10:15 PM
    Kharghar (Hiranandani ) 10:25 PM
    Kalamboli McDonald 10:30 PM
    15:20 Hrs

      10:35 AM

    Dropping Points
    Woxsen College 10:00 AM
    TOLICHOWKI(Pickup Van/Bus) 11:25 AM
    Bangla -By Pass 07:55 AM
    Humnabad -By Pass 08:05 AM
    Zeheerabad 09:05 AM
    Sadasivpet 10:15 AM
    Sangareddy -Near X Road 10:35 AM
    Gachibowli - 11:20 AM
    Mahedipatnam - 11:35 AM
    Rs 900

Mumbai to Hyderabad Bus Types

Various types of buses serving passengers from Mumbai to Hyderabad

  • 2+1, Sleeper, AC
  • 2+2, Hitech Push Back, Non-AC, Video
  • 2+1, Volvo Multi Axle Sleeper, AC
  • 2+2, Hitech Semi Sleeper, Non-AC, LED
  • 2+1, Sleeper/Seater, Non-AC
  • 2+1, Sleeper, AC, Non-Video
  • 2+2, Multi Axle SemiSleeper, AC, LCD
  • 2+1, Bharat Benz Sleeper/Seater, Non-AC

Boarding Points in Mumbai

Most of the buses pass through several boarding points in this route, A few are listed below:

  • andheri
  • andheri flyover bridge end
  • andheri (e)
  • andheri (e) bisleri
  • andheri (e) bisleri compound
  • andheri (e) gundavali bus stop
  • andheri (e) gundavli bus stop

Dropping Points in Hyderabad

Most of the buses stop at several dropping points in this route, A few are listed below:

  • allwyn x road miyapur
  • ameerpeth
  • aghapura
  • ameerpet
  • ashok nagar (bhel)
  • ashok nagar bhel
  • ashok nagar

About Mumbai

Mumbai, a cosmopolitan metropolis, earlier known as Bombay, is the largest city in India and the capital of Maharashtra state. Mumbai was originally a conglomeration of seven islands on the Konkan coastline which over time were joined to form the island city of Bombay. The island was in turn joined with the neighboring island of Salsette to form Greater Bombay. It one of the world's most populous cities. Mumbai is undoubtedly the commercial capital of India and is one of the predominant port cities in the country. Mumbai's nature as the most eclectic and cosmopolitan Indian city is symbolized in the presence of Bollywood within the city, the centre of the globally-influential Hindi film and TV industries. It is also home to India's largest slum population and it

About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana,located on the banks of the Musi River & on the Deccan Plateau. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are twin cities near Hussain Sagar Lake .Many of the suburbs of Hyderabad were recently merged into the city, called Greater Hyderabad. A city rich with history and tradition, Hyderabad now competes with Bangalore and Chennai for the crown of India's IT capital that

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